Crafting Projects and new Resolutions

I started into the last year full of enthusiasm with a long list of crafting projects. In January, I meant to tackle all projects at once and I started with some preparations, buying materials and making first sketches. Then, it started to die down. I felt paralyzed by the number of projects and I was afraid to get started.

I did make some decorations for Easter and mini-decorations for Christmas, but got stuck on most other projects. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do any crafting, though. Most importantly, I practiced crocheting and actually made a crocheted bunny, though not the one I had in mind when I made my list.

But I did realise, that it doesn’t help me to have such a list of projects, which is why I won’t make a new one. My resolutions for this year are simply to practice my crocheting some more, to sort through my postcards and find ways to store and display them, and most importantly, to find time for crafting and creativity and do whatever I feel like doing.


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