Colorful Decoupage Eggs with Translucent Paper

It’s only a few days till Easter and I’ve finally woken up from my crafting hibernation. I brought some color into the apartment with spring flowers and turned them into an Easter bouquet with some eggs I decorated today. In anticipation of Easter and the decorating I wanted to do, I blew out all the eggs I needed for cooking or baking over the last couple of weeks.

Now I decoupaged them using translucent paper in different colors and wallpaper paste. Since the twigs I used for the bouquet are too small for hanging eggs on them, I decided to leave the eggs on the sticks I put them on for drying. I added some ribbons that I tied around the sticks and then glued to the eggs using my brand new hot glue gun. That also stops the eggs from wobbling on the sticks. I then arranged them in the vase with tulips and pussy willows for a simple Easter bouquet.


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