Halloween Pumpkin Rubber Stamp

For the last two years I’ve wanted to try stamp carving. However, I couldn’t find the right material. I bought some stuff for lino cutting, but didn’t quite warm up to it. The lino I have is different from the one I remember using in school. Now I finally found stamp rubber in a local store and of course I bought some.

Contrary to my usual habit of buying crafting material and then not using it, I sat right down to try it. You can see the result above: My first hand-carved rubber stamp. For the design I needed something that wouldn’t be too difficult to carve and that I was able to draw. Fitting to the season I settled on a jack’o’lantern and looked at some pictures of pumpkins before doing my sketch. I had a presentable looking design surprisingly fast and transferred it to the rubber.

The carving went quite well, although the details of the face proofed difficult. Also, the edges look rather wobbly. But actually, I quite like that. It makes the result look kind of ghost-like – perfect for a Halloween design. I’m quite happy with my first attempt at stamp carving.


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